TCL P560CDN 470L

TCL P560CDN 470L Cross Door Refrigerator


TCL P326TMS 249L Top Mounted Refrigerator

TCL P326TMS 249L

TCL F249TM 249L Top Mount Fridge


  • Capacity: 249L
  • Freezer capacity: 58L
  • Energy class: A+
  • Energy rating: 3.5 star
  • Climate style: SN/N/ST/T
  • Dimensions: 545x1670x600
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TCL F249TM 249L Top Mount Fridge in Kenya

TCL F249TM 249L Top Mount Fridge price in Kenya is 62000 Shillings. The fridge features a 191L fridge capacity and 98L freezer capacity.

The LED lighting is not only simple and concise but also transparent and bright, ensuring excellent illuminations to help the ingredients always be in a dazzling “fresh world”. The Fridge comes with 2L large drawers for fruits and vegetables with humidity sliders, allowing to adjustment of the required humidity according to the type of food for optimal conservation.

The Fridge has tempered glass shelves that are not easily prone to deform when placed with heavy objects. The space is adjustable and easy to clean.

The temperature of the fridge can be adjusted by the electronic control panel. The fridge and freezer can be controlled independently. An electronic control panel makes temperature control more accurate. You can increase the freezing rate and reduce temperature rapidly through electronic control.

No need to defrost your food since the fridge is a total no frost. Buy TCL F249TM 249L Top Mount Fridge online at best price in Kenya at Zuricart

TCL F249TM 249L Top Mount Fridge specs and price in Kenya

Price in Kenya Ksh. 62000
Capacity 249L
Freezer capacity 98L
Dimensions 545x1670x600
Energy class A+
Climate style SN/N/ST/T
Energy rating 3.5 star
No Frost Yes

Twist Ice Maker

Unmould ice cubes with a simple gesture: the stored ice cubes do not stick together thanks to the ventilated coldness.

 TCL F249TM 249L Ice maker

Humidity Care Crisper

Push the lever to adjust the moisture in the fresh drawer, adjust to the optimum humidity for food preservation, and maintain food freshness for a longer period.

TCL F249TM 249L Humidity care

90° Accessible

The fridge Utilizes ultra-thin foam layer technology to meet the limitation of 90° door opening and closing in corners.

TCL F249TM 249L Accessible

Twin Eco Inverter

The TCL fridge comes with an excellent energy-saving compressor and fans. Increase freezing rate and reduce temperature rapidly, keeping food fresh longer.

eco inverter



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