TCL C210WDG 10KG/6KG Washer & Dryer Smart DD Motor

Original price was: KSh86,000.00.Current price is: KSh70,000.00.

TCL P1108FL 8kg Front Load Washing Machine

Original price was: KSh56,000.00.Current price is: KSh51,000.00.
TCL P1108FL 8kg Front Load

TCL P210FLG 10kg Front Load Washing Machine


  • Washing capacity: 10kg
  • Dimensions: 595*660*850
  • Washing programs: 15
  • Motor: DD
  • Spin speed: 1200rpm
  • Energy class: A+++
  • Display: LED
  • Honeycomb crystal drum
  • 24h Delay


TCL P210FLG 10kg Front Load Washing Machine in Kenya

TCL P210FLG 10kg Front Load Washing Machine price in Kenya is 59999 Shillings. The washing machine features a washing capacity of 10 kg and a LED display

The TCL washing machine has a 24H delay end an incredibly convenient feature that allows you to select when you want your washing cycle to finish. Set your finish time up to 24 hours in advance. Decide when you need your cycle to end and the washing machine will automatically calculate the starting time.

How frustrating is it when you put the washing machine on and discover a stray sock on the stairs? Not anymore. The Add Garment function lets you quickly drop anything extra during the wash. The 95°C antibacterial wash effectively eliminates bacteria and allergens from your laundry, offering a greater degree of protection to you and your family.

The Washing machine has a hexagonal honeycomb crystal drum designed to remove even the toughest of stains, while also being gentle enough for delicate fabrics. The drum benefits from a surface designed to ensure that even your most delicate fabrics remain in perfect condition, no matter how many times you wash them. The special honeycomb design could form a water film during washing to protect your clothes, it means your laundry slips gently over the surface as the drum spins, never catching the fabric and causing it to deteriorate in quality. Buy TCL P210FLG 10kg Front Load Washing Machine online at best price in Kenya at Zuricart

TCL P210FLG 10kg Front Load Washing Machine specs and price in Kenya

Price in Kenya Ksh. 59999
Washing capacity 10kg
Spin speed 1200rpm
Washing programs 15
Drum Honeycomb Crystal Drum
Motor DD Motor
Dimensions 595*660*850
Energy class A+++
Motor warranty 5 years

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TCL Honeycomb Drum

Less Friction More Care. The washing machine’s special structure brings about caring. Besides, 2.3mm drying holes could protect clothes from being stretched.

TCL P210FLG 10kg Front Load TCL Honeycomb

Add Garment

You can conveniently add missed or forgotten items during the washing.

TCL P210FLG 10kg Add Garment

Drum Clean

Drum clean rapidly flush the inner cylinder with hot water-preserving hygiene and ensure your machine is pristine the next time you want to wash.

Drum Clean

Auto Dose

One fill for one month of washing

Auto Dose

Heat Sterilization

The washing machine has a heat sterilization technology that enhances the hygienic washing environment



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