TCL P560CDN 470L

TCL P560CDN 470L Cross Door Refrigerator


TCL P326TMS 249L Top Mounted Refrigerator

TCL P326TMS 249L

TCL P425TM 425L Top Mount Fridge


  • Capacity: 425L
  • Dimensions: 706x1720x686
  • Energy class: A+
  • Climate style: N/ST/T
  • Total no frost
  • Electronic control
  • LED light
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TCL P425TM 425L Top Mount Fridge in Kenya

TCL P425TM 425L Top Mount Fridge price in Kenya is 85000 Shillings. The Fridge features a 425L capacity and a 2L Bottom shelf.

The TCL fridge has a temperature sensor placed on both sides to measure each zone’s temperature. This allows the processor to direct the oscillating airflow to the hottest areas of the cavity to bring the temperature down more quickly.

Multi Air Flow enables cold air to be distributed evenly at each level of food storage. Better air circulation and faster return to the target temperature guarantee better food preservation. The Chiller Room compartment is a space that makes it easy to store your meat, fish, and other delicate fresh products at an optimal temperature of 0 to 3 °C.

TCL P425TM 425L has 2 large drawers for fruits and vegetables with humidity sliders, allowing to adjust the required humidity according to the type of food for optimal conservation.

In addition, the fridge is used daily by all occupants of your home, your refrigerator is constantly exposed to stains, scratches, and fingerprints. Opt for a refrigerator with a matt stainless steel finish. Thanks to this resistant and aesthetic coating, you will extend the life of your refrigerator and optimize its maintenance.

The fridge has a smart mode that detects variations in temperature and humidity, and immediately regulates the production of cold in order to restore the temperature in your refrigerator or freezer as quickly as possible, so that food can be stored in optimum conditions. Buy TCL P425TM 425L Top Mount Fridge online at best price in Kenya at Zuricart

TCL P425TM 425L Top Mount Fridge specs and price in Kenya

Price in Kenya Ksh.85000
Capacity 425L
Energy class A+
Freezer capacity 101
Electronic control Yes
Dimensions 706x1720x686
Climate Class N/ST/T

No Frost

More advanced than ordinary frost-free, the innovative Total No Frost Technology from TCL P425TM 425L circulates cold air throughout your fridge and freezer to prevent ice crystals from forming, so there’s no need to ever manually defrost.

No frost

Humidity Care

Push the lever to adjust the moisture in the fresh drawer, adjust to the optimum humidity for food preservation, and maintain food freshness for a longer period.

Humidity care

LED light

Light up each corner with soft and cold light. It can help you shorten the time of looking for food. Also cold light wouldn’t increase the temperature inside. It is friendly to the environment.

Led light

Glass Shelves

Tempered glass is not easily prone to deform when placed with heavy objects. The space is adjustable and easy to clean.

Glass shelf

Electronic Control

The temperature can be adjusted by an electronic control panel. The P425TM 425L fridge and freezer can be controlled independently. An electronic control panel makes temperature control more accurate.

Electronic control

2L Bottle Shelf

To meet various food storage requirements, and all kinds of family demands.

2L shelf

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